·         Develop and implement general and preventive maintenance procedures for vehicles and related equipment

·         Manage the motorpool department of the company and efficiently delegate tasks to motorpool manpower.

·         Ensures that all personnel and materials are managed effectively.

·         Schedule preventive care, perform routine checks on all equipment and vehicles, as well as maintain detailed records of maintenance and repair.

·         Monitor units due for schedule preventative maintenance based on actual KM run (Light Vehicles) and operating hours (Heavy Equipment, Light Vehicles, and Machinery Units)

·         Prepare purchase orders, track, verify, and follow-up parts request.

·         Schedule and monitor vehicles needed for LTO renewal

·         Perform other related task as may be required by the management.

Qualification and Skills

·         Bachelor’s degree preferably in Mechanical Engineering

·         Minimum 3 years of experience working in the same function

·         Must have mechanical knowledge in repairs and spare parts of heavy equipment and vehicles

·         Must have keen attention to details, analytical problem-solving skills

·         Must have computer skills to be able to create reports and answer e- communications

·         Must be willing to be assigned on site.

·         Hardworking  and result-oriented.

Salary: To be discussed during interview.