General guidelines on Job submissions at

“Job Title” should be clear and specific

The “Job Title” should be clear for the candidate to understand what the job is about.

“Job Description” should match the Job Title

The job description in the advertisement should match the specific Job title you are posting. Description should not be a generic description which is not specific to the Job you are posting

“Job Description” should not be vague or ambiguous

The “Job description” should not be vague, misleading or ambiguous. It should have sufficient clarity of the job including:

  • Expected duties of the candidate
  • Skills required by the candidate
  • Job specific details or other criteria candidates should know before applying for the Job
  • Any physical or geographical limitations applicable for the Job
  • Any other relevant details candidates should know before applying for the job

Enter proper “Job Location” for the Job to correctly display in the Map

Enter correct “Job location” so that Job will appear in the display Map as a Marker. Users can directly click the marker on the Map to visit and apply for the Job.

Enter a valid “Company name” and “Company description

Enter a legitimate company name and company description of the Job you are advertising for.

Enter a clear “Company Logo

Upload the company logo advertising the Job.

Avoid entering contact numbers or emails inside the “Job description

Do not include contact numbers, whatspp numbers or email addresses in the Job description. You should use the “application email” field to add your application email address

If you must enter a contact number in the Job description, make sure we can validated the authenticity of the contact number through your web site.

Try to enter a valid corporate email address as “Application Email” (eg:-

Try to enter a valid corporate email for the “Application email” (eg:- and try to avoid using public email services such as, as much as possible. This gives credibility on the application email.

Enter valid website URLs in Company web site field

When entering company web site, make sure the URL is correct and is working. Do not enter keywords or phrases in the URL field which are invalid web links

Guidelines for Job Agencies

Job agencies or manpower providers may advertise their vacancies on

Job agencies advertising on should adhere to the general job advertising guidelines as well.

Guides on Company details, Logos and websites for Job agencies

If Job agency is unable to disclose their client information due to privacy concerns then Job agencies should include their agency details as the advertiser.

  • Job agency name
  • Job agency Logo
  • Web site of the Job agency
  • Any other information of the agency to prove the authenticity of the job vacancies

Prohibited content and behavior on

Advertising scam programs are strictly prohibited

Job offers requiring applicants to deposit a sum of money for any purpose are strictly prohibited. All job postings by such advertisers are immediately deleted

Jobs requiring applicants to make a purchase or undertake a training for a fee are strictly prohibited

Any job offers which require applicants to make a purchase (eg:- Purchase Application forms) or undertake a paid training program are strictly prohibited. Advertisers offering such job offers will be removed

Excessive publishing of identical or similar ads is prohibited

Repeated submission of identical or similar ads by the same advertiser or by the same employer is prohibited