Writing app reviews.
Writing SEO texts, articles and sales texts.
Refine/rewrite existing texts according to the task.
Writing unique texts for strategic marketing communications.
Correction of existing texts.




Experience in writing articles and descriptions for websites/applications.
General knowledge in the IT sphere (software development, programming languages, development platforms, coding skills, understanding of the basic programming terminology).
SEO – copywriting.
Attention to detail and literacy, ability to write in an interesting, easy and clear way, to accentuate the text correctly.
Ability to create catchy and attractive headlines.

About Appcake

AppCake is an innovative product company that has specialized in successful mobile app development since 2017. We conquer the IT industry with a non-trivial approach, interesting tasks and the active use of modern technologies. The released products are distinguished by positive download growth, intuitive interface and easy perception by end users. Our goal is to create quality products that are understandable and easy to use. Our customers are millions of users of applications based on Android and iOS.