We are looking for a Customer Assistant Specialist to assist our customers with technical problems when using our products and services.


Inform customers about new features and functionalities

Follow up with customers to ensure their technical issues are resolved

Gather customer feedback and share with our Product, Sales and Marketing teams

Assist in training junior Customer Support Representatives

•Selling products or services and taking payments

•Monitoring overall customer satisfaction levels

•Tracking orders and giving refunds

•Updating company databases with information from each customer interaction

•Passing particular complaints on to their manager

•Collaborating with the sales department to develop methods for handling issues

•Working on short-term projects to offer customised support for new products

About Befti Consult

Befti is a corporate support solutions provider with a comprehensive range of people outsourcing services, Business Development and Empowerment. We have a diversified team of management, strategy, innovative and capacity development experts working together to provide organizations and individuals with the best human resource management solutions.

With a team that diverse, we are setting new standards of performance and raising the bar in excellent service delivery to the growth of Nigeria and even to humanity