Job Description:
Candidate must be responsible for collaborating with supervisors, employees, and other departments to ensure the success of the program.

Responsibilities : To do internship as required by university.

Interested applicant can send resume to carlos@infomaninc.com and please answer the following :
1. How many hours are you required to render for your OJT? (e.g 200, 300 , 500, 600 hours etc.)
2. When can you start your OJT?
3. What is your skill? Please select one:
(WEB development, Multimedia, Programming, PC troubleshooting, Accounting, Admin Task, Marketing, Writing)
4. What will be your work schedule? (e.g M-F, whole day; MWF, whole day, etc.)
5. Do you have a laptop?
6. What is your average grade? Are you a deans lister?
7. what is your hobbies ?
8. we do not provide any allowance for ojt, is this okay with you ?
9. pls send your facebook profile.
10. what does your parent does for a living ?
11. can you report onsite for your ojt ?

Interested applicant can send resume to carlos@infomaninc.com

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