Job responsibilities

o System function development iteration, involving framework/kernel and other levels of improvement and user experience improvement;
o Application architecture design;
o Performance analysis and system problem positioning and resolution;
o Complete module code writing, unit testing, and code maintenance work;
o Compile technical related documents, and be proficient in using iterative development methods for system development;
o Quickly learn and master relevant new technologies according to the needs of the project;
o Participate in technical key points and difficulties of the project.

Job requirements

o With Bachelor’s degree in Computer-related majors or its equivalents;
o Minimum of 5 years work experience in Android Development;
o With experience in componentized architecture design;
o Understand at least 6 design patterns and read at least one excellent open source project;
o Skilled in developing custom controls and animations;
o Have development experience in security and performance (rendering speed, memory optimization, power consumption, etc.);
o Able to locate stuck and OOM problems;
o Familiar with NDK development, and have NDK development experience;
o Proficiency in using unit tests to ensure the quality of responsible modules;
o Have good coding habits, learning ability and English document reading ability;
o Familiar with OKHttp, Retrofit and RxJava.

Salary Range: USD 2500 – USD 4600/month
Benefits for Expats:
1. KPI Bonus (upon regularization)
2. Attendance Bonus (even during Probationary Period – 500 CNY)
3. Annual Leave (30 days / year) + Chinese Holiday
4. Dorm, Shuttle service, 3 Meals
5. Salary (non Taxable)

Please confirm that you have known the information:

1. Working place: Harbor Dr, Pasay, Metro Manila
2. Building name: one e com (Google map available)
3. Working hours: 9 hours/day (including 1 hour rest), 6 days/week
4. Visa type: 9G work visa (responsible by the company, handled in the Philippines)
5. Contract period: 2 years (related with the validity of work VISA)
6. Supplementary instructions:
(1) For foreigners who choose to come to the Philippines, they need to apply for the tourist visa in person and the company is responsible for reimbursement after coming to Philippines.

About Innovations Group

Innovations Group is a conglomerate company located in South East Asia with businesses related to IT Services, Online Games, F&B and Entertainment. In 2018, we opened a new technology and a new project division, which is a milestone for Innovations.