Job responsibilities

1、Company office environment support: workstation management and coordination.

2、Daily affairs support: gift management, document printing management, etc.

3、Meeting support: conference room booking, coordination and organization of meetings.

4、Cultural construction support: assist in the planning and organization of departmental staff activities (annual meeting, group building, etc.).

5、Departmental things support: travel management, air ticket and hotel booking, daily related affairs arrangement.

6、Other affairs as assigned by the CEO


Job requirements

1. . Fluent in Mandarin in order to be able to effectively liaise with stakeholders in the region

2. Bachelor degree or above, at least 2 years of assistant and secretary related work experience is preferred.

3. No POGO related working experience

4. More than 1 year of experience in team management and operation management.

5. Optimistic and cheerful personality, adaptable, patient and meticulous; strong affinity and communication skills, good sense of teamwork.

Salary Range: PHP1,200,000/yr – PHP2,400,000/yr

About Innovations Group

Innovations Group is a conglomerate company located in South East Asia with businesses related to IT Services, Online Games, F&B and Entertainment. In 2018, we opened a new technology and a new project division, which is a milestone for Innovations.