Job responsibilities

1.Web front-end function development and implementation;
2.Participate in project demand analysis, product usability improvement and Web interface technology optimization;
3.Responsible for the development of front-end interface and front-end components/class libraries,
4.Research and explore innovative development ideas and cutting-edge front-end technologies, and apply them to teams and products.

Job requirements

1.With Bachelor’s degree in Computer-related majors or its equivalents;
2.Minimum of 5 years work experience in Front-End Development;
3.In-depth knowledge of Web standards, practical understanding and practical experience of related knowledge such as performance optimization and accessibility;
4.Familiar with JS programming, and master Vue.js, Nuxt.js, ES6, Typescript, and other front-end related development technologies or frameworks;
5.Must have actual project experience;
6.Preferably with experience in React, Node.js and web mobile development;
7.Preferably someone who can withstand work pressure.

Salary Range: USD 2400 – USD 4500/month


Benefits for Expats:

1. KPI Bonus (upon regularization)

2. Attendance Bonus (even during Probationary Period – 500 CNY)

3. Annual Leave (30 days / year) + Chinese Holiday

4. Dorm, Shuttle service, 3 Meals

5. Salary (non Taxable)


About Innovations Group

Innovations Group is a conglomerate company located in South East Asia with businesses related to IT Services, Online Games, F&B and Entertainment. In 2018, we opened a new technology and a new project division, which is a milestone for Innovations.