Job responsibilities

1.Participate in the architecture design discussion and technical research of the payment system;
2.Complete core functions and overcome difficult key technical business problems;
3.Write detailed system design documents;
4.Help to train and improve the team.

Job requirements

1.With Bachelor’s degree in Computer-related majors or its equivalents;
2.Minimum of 5 years work experience in Java development from Internet Architecture industries;
3.Proficient in multi-threading and other basic libraries;
4.Familiar with distributed caching and other technologies;
5.Familiar with micro service system technology;
6.Preferably with experience in K8s implementation;
Preferably with K8s implementation experience;
7.Familiar with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Mybatis, MQ development framework, and have actual experience in Spring Cloud micro services;
8.Proficient in popular distributed systems and their architectures such as: RabbitMQ, Kafka, Zookeeper, ZeroMQ;
9.Master distributed open source technologies, including distributed things, distributed logs, MQ;
10.Proficient in caching and other mechanisms, familiar with the design, application, and tuning of high-concurrency, high-performance distributed systems;
11.in database such as: MySQL, NoSQL storage, Hbase, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, etc.;
12.Familiar with Linux system, and be able to master various Linux commands and tools,
13.Familiar with Shell.
14.Preferably with relevant experience in medium and large mutual benefit network projects and high concurrency;

Salary Range: USD 2700 – USD 5000/month

Benefits for Expats:

1. KPI Bonus (upon regularization)

2. Attendance Bonus (even during Probationary Period – 500 CNY)

3. Annual Leave (30 days / year) + Chinese Holiday

4. Dorm, Shuttle service, 3 Meals

5. Salary (non Taxable)

About Innovations Group

Innovations Group is a conglomerate company located in South East Asia with businesses related to IT Services, Online Games, F&B and Entertainment. In 2018, we opened a new technology and a new project division, which is a milestone for Innovations.