Job responsibilities

1. Assist superiors in building and improving the company’s training system, management system and workflow, and organize, guide and supervise the development of the company’s training work.

2. Organize the company’s training needs survey, formulate the company’s overall training plan and budget and organize the implementation.

3. According to the service quality of each department and staff quality needs, assist the department to formulate training plans, and check the implementation of the plan, make objective assessment and summary for the training situation and training effect and propose new training programs.

4. According to the company’s development strategy, assist superiors to build a talent ladder training system, etc.

Job requirements

1. Fluent in Mandarin in order to be able to effectively liaise with stakeholders in the region.

2. Focus: proficient in middle and senior management training

3. Bachelor’s degree or above, preference for those with work experience in well-known enterprises or peers.

4. At least 5 years’ experience in training work, with experience in building training systems having done management training projects.

5. Excellent professional ability and professional quality, proficient in using office software, strong executive ability.

6. Good Communication Skills


Salary Range: 15,000 CNY to 25,000 CNY

Benefits for Expats:

1. KPI Bonus (upon regularization)

2. Attendance Bonus (even during Probationary Period – 500 CNY)

3. Annual Leave (30 days / year) + Chinese Holiday

4. Dorm, Shuttle service, 3 Meals

5. Salary (non Taxable)

About Innovations Group

Innovations Group is a conglomerate company located in South East Asia with businesses related to IT Services, Online Games, F&B and Entertainment. In 2018, we opened a new technology and a new project division, which is a milestone for Innovations.