I.                     REASON FOR EXISTENCE


Responsible from collecting cash from Touch Pay machine and doing repairs and basic troubleshooting.




1.       Coordinates with collection team lead for APM daily itinerary

2.       Receives and safe keeps designated APM access keys and cash bags during daily itinerary.

3.       Completes all designated APM daily itinerary for cash collection.

4.       Performs preventive maintenance such as checking of APM physical appearance, cleaning of the machine, replenishes of thermal paper, removing of bill jam and checking of APM connectivity before collection.

5.       Follows the APM cash collection procedure.

6.       Turn over all cash collections/cash bags to cash room teller by end of daily itinerary.

7.       Turn over all APM access keys to key custodian by end of daily itinerary to ensure that APM keys are not misplaced/lost.

8.       Ensures that cash collection is safe transported back to cash hub.

9.       Ensures that daily collection is balance and free from dispute and discrepancy.

10.   Assists Finance Department for daily bank deposits

11.   Maintains cleanliness of company vehicle or motorcycle used during APM cash

12.   Collection

13.   Audits the report of field technical maintenance team.

14.   Perform other duties that may assign by superior from time to time.



III.                 QUALIFICATIONS


1.       Preferably college graduate of any degree or 2 years associate degree, or at least college level.

2.       Preferably with driving skills and license restriction code 1,2 (applicable for male personnel)

3.       Familiar with the nationwide geographical  locations (NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)

4.       Basic computer literacy.

5.       Good in oral and written communication.