Minimum requirements for the post are:
• Certified appropriate academic and professional education qualifications from a recognised institution(s).
• Proof of registration with SACE.
• A minimum of 3 years teaching experience, teaching in high school from Grades 8 – 12. Candidates to provide
written testimonials not older than 3 months.
• Competency in presenting an IT Skills course to Grade 8 and 9 learners;
• Good all-round knowledge of Information Technology and Accounting with a passion for the subjects
• Proficient in Delphi programming
• Speak fluent English.
• Effective managerial, organisational, communication, and facilitation skills.
• Ability to work without close supervision.
• A clear criminal record is essential
• For foreign applicants, work permits and all other relevant documents must be in place.

Primary Purpose & Responsibilities:

Reporting to the CEO of the Academy, the successful candidate will be required to teach Accounting & Information
Technology to learners in Grade 8 up to grade 12.
The successful candidate will:
• Prepare lessons and exam papers.
• Create a conducive academic environment to learning and maintaining the professional image.
• Manage, plan, assist and promote teaching and learning in and outside the classroom.
• Manage, plan, assist and promote discipline in and outside the classroom.
• Attend meetings, forums and workshops for the grade/ phase as required.
• Stay relevant and up to date with latest developments in education – keeping abreast with technology and
innovative teaching and learning methods and take ownership of personal career development.
• Assist staff and learners with technology related problems
• Troubleshoot the IT infrastructure
• Work closely with other educators and staff at the Academy to ensure the effective running of the Department.
• Be able to understand and be committed to the Academy’s values and ethos.
• Assist with the Academy’s administrative responsibilities.
• Maintain confidentiality.
• Maintain a positive attitude, respond openly to feedback and contribute to a friendly and co-operative climate
in working with others to achieve the Academy’s goals.
Interested applicants to submit their applications by email to tumelor@mbhetsaacademy.co.za and
calvinm@mbhetsaacademy.co.za. Alternatively, you may hand deliver the applications at the Academy on or
before the closing date.
Mbhetsa Academy is an equal opportunity employer and reserves the right not to fill this position. An application
will not in itself entitle the applicant to an interview or appointment and failure to meet the minimum requirements
of the advertised post will result in applicants’ automatic disqualification. Only shortlisted candidates will be
Disclaimer; Mbhetsa Academy, in line with POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act), will attempt to ensure
the confidentiality of all applicants for this role. All reasonable measures will be in place to protect personal
information, but such information will be used in the recruitment, selection, and reporting process. By submitting
your application for this position, you are recognising and accepting this disclaimer.
Closing Date

About Mbhetsa Academy of Science Maths and Technology

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