Growth Manager – [USA]

About the job

Welcome to the NovoWash Growth Manager opportunity.

About NovoWash:

We are NovoWash, a B2B & B2C SaaS start-up. We are building a marketplace to connect customers with car wash businesses and disrupt an underperforming and under-regulated market. By providing an eCommerce digital platform, we are helping solve significant economic and political issues such as money laundering processes, alongside having an ESG-orientated focus, by connecting a customer to your nearest car cleaner, minimising fuel emissions for car cleaning services. Further, there is a short and long-term vision to immerse into various different industries and develop a substantial market share that would help support millions of businesses across the world.

NovoWash is designed to bring convenience to customers and car cleaners alike. For customers, it is a niche marketplace that allows customers to book through car cleaners based on their preferences and variety.

For car cleaners, NovoWash provides digital SaaS solutions to connect customers to more car cleaners, designed to help car cleaners achieve a full working day schedule.

We currently have reached an audience of hundreds of users, but you will now have the opportunity to generate this growth even further.

What you’ll be doing

-selling the digital SaaS product to family, friends, and strangers through various strategies:
-online sales & marketing: posting, advertising and selling the App. Outreach to several companies & individuals to raise business profiles
-forming partnerships with other relevant and like minded start ups in the digital world
-attending networking events
-hiring your own team, from sales, marketing & operations but also appointing regional growth managers due to the size of the USA!
-offline sales and marketing: going to local events/busy places and handing out leaflets to customers, whilst also giving a demo to customers on how the product works. (This will be more for your team to do, but there is an expectancy to get involved)

Who do you need to be?
-looking to hire a hungry, ambitious, energetic, and commercially driven individual
-Someone with a degree of management experience, with start up experience being a plus but not essential

-entrepreneurial experience, helping a business grow even further and reach new markets
-being part of a long term journey where you get the opportunity to be your own manager of a start up looking to get national exposure of the US market.
-Currently, it is a non-exclusive role, meaning you can work on other projects or for other companies for the time being. However, that is scheduled to change once the fundraising season is closed!
-resilience is key as there are some hurdles with the product only using ‘£’ for currency transactions currently and there being a time zone difference for example. Requiring determination and innovative thinking to overcome these challenges whilst being more than 110% committed to the venture!

A purely uncapped commission basis with performance incentives for the short to medium term…. Expected to dedicate a few hours per week as a minimum and this will turn full-time once fundraising is closed, with a full time competitive salary!

About NovoWash

An e-commerce marketplace connecting customers to car cleaners providing variety, convenience, efficiency and support