Role Overview
As a software engineer for our clients, you will gain continuous learning opportunities while developing software. For instance, you can take the lead by assisting the business in adapting to new technologies, challenge yourself to be innovative when designing systems, and learning to make risk assessments when developing software. There are also opportunities for interpersonal growth as you will be working with a team to create high quality products for our customers. As such, a good fit for this role is a software engineer who is not only technically competent, but also someone with soft skills. Thus, if you are a skilled communicator, a forward-looking individual, and a methodical problem-solver, you are the software engineer we are looking for!


You will be responsible for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which includes designing, testing, and evaluating new software
You will plan for the software development process, such as identifying the project size, cost, duration, and effort required
You will be in-charge of maintaining software by debugging any errors and modifying the software to improve its performance
You will collaborate with different departments and subject-matter experts to develop the desired software
You will work with your team members to review their code and consult them on the best software development practices
You will keep abreast of the latest trends and new technologies, and implement what is necessary for the organization
You should ensure that proper SOPs are written to facilitate the ease of operating the software
You should identify and analyze user requirements to meet their expectations when developing a software product
You will be required to continually upgrade your technical skills such as picking up new coding styles or attending courses
You will conduct feasibility studies, such as technical, operational, or economic feasibility, to measure the organizational benefits of a software
You will illustrate and document software development processes via charts and diagrams (e.g. UML diagrams)
You will engage in software testing to identify defects early in the development process and ensure quality assurance
You will analyze user feedback and apply innovative solutions to the software’s user-facing features
You will build software architecture via coding that involves algorithms, server-side languages, and programming frameworks
You will be in-charge of software integration by merging multiple systems into a consolidated database

Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or any relevant field.
Proven work experience related to software engineering or computing
Possess technical knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, and database engines [to be specified by the employer, e.g. Java, C++, Python]
Capable of problem solving to debug and troubleshoot software issues
Proficient at writing efficient code using algorithms and data structures
Able to systematically plan and visualize an overview of the software development processes
Sensitive to user needs to produce software that meets user expectations
Flexibility in adapting to new technologies and changing market trends
Capable of being a good team player and receiving feedback from coworkers
Able to take on steep learning curves, such as learning new programming languages quickly
Ability to be organized and multitask in a fast-paced work environment
Provide honest and open communication with various stakeholders to address problems promptly
Adept at explaining complex technical concepts and processes in layman’s terms
Possess excellent verbal communication to collaborate with other departments and clients
Skilled at written communication to properly document software development procedures

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