Job description

Creating and delivering motion graphics for various media
Working with art and creative teams to select audio, video, colors, animation, etc. for graphic design
Editing video footage and adding effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
Collaborates closely with Tongston staff, partners, and clients on developing video and other digital concepts and projects. Ensures that products meet program goals and budgets.
Assists in designing and creating storyboards and scripts.
Designs and delivers high-quality motion graphics optimized for video/web/social media dissemination.
Selects, edits, and incorporates third-party content (stills, footage, music, graphics, etc.) as needed.
Retouches correct, and color-grades video and photo content.
Ensures all produced material is correctly optimized for chosen dissemination (web, social media, large presentation screen, social media).
Works directly with external consultants (videographers, photographers, narrators, programmers, voice artists, animators, translators, developers/coders), ensuring that their work matches the quality and branding of Tongston’s products.
Tracks new content trends and technologies to ensure that Tongston’s output remains on the cutting edge.

· Bachelor’s degree in related field (fine arts, multimedia production, journalism, or social sciences) with relevant technical training in video and digital design and production.

· Experience in video and digital content development, with strong capabilities in graphic design and video production.

· Knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator required.

· Experience and/or knowledge in data visualization a plus.

· Ability to synthesize and present concepts and data for a general audience using multiple forms of media (video, animation, stills, graphics, etc.)

· Experience in short-form storytelling through various editorial techniques including cuts, transitions, timing and the effective use of sound and visuals to communicate

· Demonstrated project management skills. Experience guiding video and multimedia projects from conception through completion.

· Strong time management and problem solving skills.

· Strong oral and written communication skills.

About Tongston Entrepreneurship Group

Tongston is the leading multi-award-winning group with presence in Abuja, London, Singapore & NY that transforms people, organizations & governments into valuable, profitable & influential entities through entrepreneurial education, enterprise, finance and media. We do this through our 5 integrated businesses: Tongston Holdings | Tongston College | Tongston Institute | Tongston Ventures | Tongston Media. We have worked with hundreds of clients, and partner with leading organizations.


Tongston is also the convener of the global Tongston Entrepreneurial Education Summit that has convened 1000+ delegates from 54 countries globally with 100+ speakers from global brands including the UNICEF, World Bank, KPMG, USAID, International Monetary Fund, University of Brunei, National Board of Technical Education, Microsoft, PepsiCo, the Nigerian Government amongst many others.