Prepare cargo for lift by attaching appropriate slings through shackles and other attaching devices.
Check loads for clearance, obstructions, balance, and proper attachment.
Give or relay hand signals and/or radio signals to crane operator to control lift and movement of load.
Manually lift, carry, and move equipment, tools, and materials from place to place as required.
Ensure to use correct body positioning and safe lifting procedures.
Remove waste, debris, and accumulated trash from decks, stairs, compartments, and other areas of the rig and dispose of properly.
Sweep and wash decks, bulkheads, and structures using brooms, mops, rags, brushes, air, and high-pressure water hoses.
Clean up spills and accumulated waste and take all necessary actions to prevent tripping and slipping hazards.
Keep hand tools in good condition, properly maintained, and stored when not in use.
Keep lines, hoses, slings, etc. coiled and other materials safely stored.
Operate air hoists, hydraulic hoists, chain hoists, and other cargo handling gear to pick up and move tubular and other heavy equipment.
Assist in carrying out Preventive Maintenance on cranes and associated wireline.
Relieve the floorhands and assist on the drill floor as required.
Assist in the mixing of mud chemicals, pit/tank cleaning and pump room maintenance.
Assist with the running and retrieval of the BOP and auxiliary equipment.
Perform helideck duties as directed by the Helicopter Landing Officer.
Assist in the care and maintenance of the rig’s machinery and equipment using proper tools and following safety rules and procedures.
Assist in the care and protection of drill pipes, marine riser joints, and other tubular using such items as brushes, rabbits, thread protectors, pipe dopes, etc.
Assist in assembling, dismantling, and maintaining of deck machinery, pumps, drilling tools, and other mechanical equipment.
Assist in slipping and cutting of wire lines, inspection and maintenance of wire and fiber lines, slings, and other lifting equipment.
Assist in erecting scaffolding and staging as required.
Prepare and clean deck surfaces, superstructures, bulkheads, etc. prior.
Paint prepared surfaces as directed, i.e. apply coats of primer, paint, and varnish with rollers and spray guns in accordance with painting specifications.
Assist as directed during rig moves and anchor handling operations.

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