1. Assist patients in taking prescribed drugs
2. Assistance with mobility indoors or outside (for doctor’s visits, strolls, etc.)
3. Assist clients with cleanliness and personal care
4. Assistance with physical therapy activities for clients
5. Meal preparation and planning with client support (when they are able)
6. Make the client’s purchases or go with them when they do
7. Fill in for clients who can’t finish light housekeeping tasks on their own.
8. Be an enjoyable and encouraging companion.
9. Report any strange occurrences
10. In an emergency, react promptly and properly.
1. An understanding of domestic duties and cooking with consideration for dietary restrictions
2. Willingness to follow safety and health regulations
3. Honorable and sympathetic
4. Effective time management
5. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
6. Strong ethics
7. Physical stamina

8. Must be above 18 years

9. Must have completed the Secondary Education/ O level or SSCE

To apply use this below linkhttps://www.kariscon.com/joincaregivers



About Kariscon

Kariscon was born out of the desperate need to build, fix and maintain optimal health services in Africa. Our wide range of services predicts an eventual need for Governments, International organizations, NGOs, Individuals, Private and Public Hospitals to align with our progress plan. We understand the potentials in Africa and the irony of terrible mediocrity in virtually all the sectors, especially the health sector. Kariscon is set to match these potentials to the expected result in service.